As main player in the energy sector of the Great Region, Enovos Group, socially aware and responsible, has integrated an economic, environmental, ecological and social dimension in its modus operandi. It seeks to create stable long-term relationships with all customers based on quality of services rendered, innovative products, and reliable and sustainable energy supplies.

The group's shared aims and values adapt to the regional realities of the different markets.

Courses of action in relation to managerial transparency, organisation, company by laws, shareholders and human resources, value creation through commitment to social projects, protection of the environment and support for cultural programmes are deployed to make CSR a part of management and decision-making mechanisms. Many of these commitments have been made publicly official.

In November 2018, the group’s efforts have been recognised by Luxembourg’s national institute for sustainable development and social responsibility (INDR) with the award of the CSR label to Enovos International, Enovos Luxembourg, Creos Luxembourg and the Luxembourgish real estate branches of the group.

The CSR Strategy of the group is articulated around six main commitments:

Business ethics and transparency

The group has a key role to play for its customers and the general public. It needs to be responsible and reliable, which of course includes complying with all laws and regulations, but also going further when it is fair, relevant and possible. Service availability and reliability, transparent governance, procurement practices and respect for privacy are the main topics that will be tackled in this first part.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers is one of the many elements of the Group's commitment to sustainability in its purchases. As part of this code of conduct, the Encevo Group defends the fundamental principles of sustainable development with its suppliers, subcontractors and service providers. We decided to use the UN Global Compact Principles ( https://www.unglobalcompact.org/ ), which is considered a worldwide best practice for CSR-engaged companies to align their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights. employment, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Sustainable investment

An effective, well thought out and relevant investment strategy is essential to meet the group’s goals. Massive investments in renewable energies and network have been made to achieve increased energy quality, availability and reliability; innovative new services are also continuously being developed.

Staff employability

The group relies on its workforce and does its best to maintain the highest level of motivation and skill among its employee. A balanced workforce, with equal opportunities granted to all workers regardless of their gender, origins and beliefs, is the baseline of the group’s approach to human resources. The training and development programs in place are regularly challenged for improvement, as well as performance reviews for all employees. Moreover, the group continuously stays attentive to potential improvements in its HR processes and policies, notably regarding alignment between Luxembourg and Germany.

Health and safety

Reducing risks, ensuring safety for the group’s employees and for the general public is crucial for Enovos and Creos. To be able to organise relevant trainings, provide employees and external stakeholders with quality information, and improve processes for more safety, we analyse the risks linked to our activities and take action to mitigate them. Improving the security of the workforce is a permanent goal for the group.

Environmental impact

Protecting the environment is a key concern at a global level and the group continues to participate in the effort. Reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions, compensating for what cannot be reduced, preserving biodiversity, using energy more efficiently and improving waste disposal systems are among the main targets in this field. Last year, significant changes have occurred: facilities have been constructed with environmental concerns and employee satisfaction in mind, the personnel moved and the group started experiencing the advantages of the new buildings. We are now starting to reap the benefits of these initiatives. Many services continue to be offered to customers to help them find the way towards improved energy efficiency (in line with European regulations), promote responsible mobility, and compensate for GHG emissions. Bringing relevant energy services and solutions to even more businesses and municipalities is the mission of the dedicated teams.

Local communities

Enovos Group is part of the society as a whole, and as such does its best to improve the quality of life of its members, as well as to promote promising projects and innovative ideas. It constantly engages with its customers to maintain good relationships, by organising fairs, events and activities. It also promotes its values by supporting projects through patronage and sponsorship thanks to the  Fondation Enovos  .