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Working for Encevo comes down to working for an engaged and visionary group that plays a vital role for the energy transition in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. It thus creates innovative and sustainable perspectives for all stakeholders involved while giving special consideration to the interests of its employees and partners.

Encevo is continuously looking for new, diverse talents and supporting its employees to make their professional life successful and to help them find the right balance with their private life.

Continuous learning, internal mobility or the setting up of multidisciplinary teams in order to cope with the challenges of the very dynamic energy market are only some examples showing how Encevo actively manages its talents. All of this is happening in connection with attractive working conditions both from a financial viewpoint and from a work environment perspective.

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Releasing the potential of many

At Encevo Group we are convinced that diversity and inclusion are the prerequisites for corporate innovation and organisational efficiency. We seek to create a workplace in which each one of our employees and all those we interact with in the context of our work are treated with fairness, dignity and respect, in line with our corporate values “Respect”, “Team Spirit”, “Commitment” and “Excellence”. Our aim is to benefit from an environment in which all our employees can feel valued, included and empowered to share their ideas.

We are committed to ensure equal opportunity in all our employment practices, policies and procedures. Furthermore, we strive to build a work environment in which people are being offered the same opportunity to succeed based on their professional qualification and their performance, regardless of their initial job and position in the hierarchy. Our ultimate goal is to enable all our employees to release their full potential.

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