Encevo S.A. is the holding company which leads the Encevo Group. The Encevo Group  is essentially composed of energy provider Enovos and grid operator Creos, who both have subsidiaries and hold shares in a number of other companies.

Encevo’s main mission is twofold. First, Encevo defines the group strategy and governance and provides financing to all group entities with a view to ensuring the sustainable development of the whole group.  

Second, Encevo provides, through its skilled and experienced staff of over 160 employees, various support services to group entities, including finance, treasury management, accounting, legal, human resources, facility management, IT, internal audit, risk management and insurance. The purpose thereof is to create synergies and increase overall efficiency and effectiveness throughout the group.

Further, the role of Encevo is to position the group in relation to its stakeholders (employees, shareholders, government, customers, suppliers, investors, partners, media, …).

At group level, Encevo’s decisions are taken by its executive committee under the aegis of the board of directors, whereas the day-to-day management of operational activities falls in the remit of Enovos (for distribution activities) and Creos (for grid activities).

In other words, Enovos’ and Creos’ responsibility is to translate the group’s visionary and innovative strategy into sustainable business.

Encevo’s stable shareholding structure, healthy finances and solid strategic position in the European market make the Encevo Group a reliable partner. Encevo’s commitment to high ethical and compliance standards further strengthens the sustainability of the group. The Encevo Group currently employs a workforce of over 1,500 staff members, has over 300,000 delivery points (electricity and natural gas) and operates more than 10,150 km of electrical power lines and over 3,700 km of gaslines.  

The group is a future-oriented key player in Luxembourg’s energy transition. As an employer of choice, Encevo is committed to working for the well-being and the economic and social development of the countries in which it operates.


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