The Encevo Group is composed of the holding company Encevo S. A., energy provider Enovos and grid operator Creos. The group currently employs a workforce of over 1,500 staff members, has over 300,000 delivery points (electricity and natural gas) and operates more than 10,150 km of electrical power lines and over 3,700 km of gaslines.  

The group is a future-oriented key player in Luxembourg’s energy transition. As an employer of choice, Encevo is committed to working for the well-being and the economic and social development of the countries in which it operates.


Key figures

Key consolidated figures (millions of euros) 2017 2016
Total assets 2,538,5 2,468.9
Fixed assets 1,921.0 1,867.0
Capital and reserves (group share) 1,041.1 1,002.2
Capital and reserves, total 1,288.2 1,243.7
Debenture loans and amounts owed to credit institutions 480.5 499.6
Sales 1,758.2 1,888.9
EBITDA 193.6 262.3
EBIT 73.3 112.9
Net profit for the year 55.7 83.2
Thereof minority interests 19.8 22.0
(Drawn up: 9th May 2018)  


As Luxembourg’s main energy supplier, Enovos’ mission is to provide electricity and natural gas to its customers ranging from private households to industrial clients. In addition to its continuous investment in renewable energies, Enovos puts a strong focus on innovation and strives to play an active role in innovative business models and solutions that arise from the fast reshaping of the energy sector. Therefore, Enovos is actively engaged in the development of intelligent services and products in the domains of eco-mobility, energy efficiency, smart applications and distributed energy services.

Enovos Luxembourg has a strong presence in the German market through its subsidiary Enovos Deutschland , which in turn owns a number of German subisidiaries specialised in various energy-related areas. It is also present in the French and Belgian markets through several subsidiaries and participations. 


The grid operator’s mission is to reliably transport and distribute electricity and gas through its grids in a non-discriminatory way in order to guarantee an equal market access to all potential and operating energy suppliers. Creos pursues an ambitious investment plan to further modernise grids and ensure their security and reliability and therefore closely monitors latest technological developments. The company also actively pursues the implementation of smart grids and meters and continues to position itself in line with the European directive that urges EU member states to work towards a European Energy Union.

Through its subsidiary Creos Deutschland , the company is also present in Germany. Creos Deutschland operates a 1,650 km long gas grid in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate and a round about 420 km long high and medium voltage power grid in Saarland.