Request for Proposal

Encevo S.A.
2, Domaine du Schlassgoard
L-4327 Esch-sur-Alzette

Postal address:
Encevo S.A.
P.O. Box 558
L-2015 Luxembourg

Type of tender: Service delivery

Title: RFP - Encevo Group Online Compliance Training

Description: Putting in place an e-learning training module (preferably on cloud and tailored to Encevo’s needs) to raise the level of awareness of Encevo Group employees on the various compliance topic dealt with in the Code of Conduct of the Encevo Group (including due diligence requirements)

Documentation and Language: All the documentation must be provided in English. The application language within the future project is also English.

Proposal due date: On or prior to 07:00 PM (Luxembourg time) June 3rd, 2019

Project Duration: The project must be delivered by October 15th, 2019

Date of publication of the notice: April 26th,  2019